SDCC Crowd For those local San Diegans (and outlying SoCal areas from Tijuana to LA) that are just curious about Comic-Con and couldn’t care less about the parade of celebrities and sneak peeks in Hall H, Sunday is the day you want to head to the show. If you just want to swim into the madness of the Exhibition Hall and all it has to offer, Sunday is your day. And if you want to save some money, maybe bring the whole family with you, or just watch weirdos walk by all day, GO ON SUNDAY!

Starting Saturday, February 5th at 9am PT, you can pick up a Sunday adult pass for only $20 (kids and seniors are only $10 each!). Oddly, despite the low price, out of all the single day tickets available, Sunday always sells out last. But, be sure, they will sell out eventually.

Of course, that could be because Sunday is also known as Kids Day, where you’ll find a lot of events and freebies are focused on the little ones and not the 40 year old virgins. Kids Day at Comic-Con can be a wondrous spectacle for your kiddos. Hundreds (if not thousands) of people in costume (your kids included, if they like dressing up), exclusive freebies from their favorite (or soon to be favorite) tv shows, movies, comics… Oh, and did I mention all the TOYS?! With all of the dealers on the floor selling every playtime trinket from your childhood (and theirs), San Diego Comic-Con is probably the biggest toy store on Earth. And when it comes to once-in-a-lifetime geeky opportunities (okay, once a year geeky opportunities), one of the coolest things I’ve seen on past Kids Days is Simpsons creator Matt Groening doing sketches of his iconic characters for free… but only for kids! If that doesn’t make you want to be 10 again, I don’t know what would.

However, I have one word of warning for those that want to bring the whole family… bring only the kids that can handle walking on their own or are light enough to carry for a few hours at a time. I say this because bringing a stroller onto the Exhibition Hall floor is a bad, bad, bad idea. It’s almost impossible to maneuver through the crush of 100,000+ bodies choking the aisles, which pretty much forces you to skirt the outer edges of the hall, away from anything exciting, which is where the crowds are usually found. If you feel that you absolutely must cart your kids around in the multi-wheeled monstrosities, don’t expect to get very far on the floor or make many friends. Kids belong at Comic-Con. Strollers don’t (especially those double-wide ones you’re really just using to cart around your swag, you lazy bastard).

And if you’re a non-creepy people watcher (even if you have little or no interest in all things geeky), Sunday at San Diego Comic-Con is a wonderful, inexpensive day to head downtown, take in the beautiful city, and stroll amongst the middle-class masses that mold modern pop culture. Yes, you could probably watch the weirdos outside the convention center on any given day of Comic-Con, but that’s like dipping your toe into a really, ummm, interesting… swimming pool… full of… nerds. Whatever. Okay, crappy metaphor. The point is, until you’ve seen San Diego Comic-Con from the inside, you have no idea what it’s all about. Sunday is the day to give that a shot if you are short on cash and hungry for something new to feed your eyes.

But no matter who you are or why you go, bring a camera and comfy shoes. You’re gonna need ‘em.
And get your tickets this Saturday, February 5th, at 9am PT. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.