Get SDCC Survival Guide at Comic-Con & Mobile App Update This WeekendFor those of you who were at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, this morning was your chance to pre-register for Comic-Con 2013*. Within an hour, all of those tickets were snatched up. Registration for the rest of the world will begin in early 2013. This will presumably include those of you who didn’t get tickets this morning, so all hope is not lost!

For those of you who went through the process today, how was your experience? Did you find it easier, harder, or the same as the process you went through for 2012? And, more importantly, did you get what you wanted? If you want, please feel free to leave tips and advice here or on the Unauthorized San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide Facebook page for those who will be going through this same process in 2013.

As for me and the Survival Guide, this is the time I take to hibernate and prepare for next year, with very few posts in between. But I’m still open to answering questions and giving tips that you might find useful until the frenzy begins anew in 2013. Comment here or on the Facebook page if you want to discuss anything related to surviving future Comic-Cons or the culture in general. I’m also now very busy as the web editor for Geek magazine, so if you’re in the mood for discussing all things geeky, not just Comic-Con, you’ll find me there as well.

* Pre-registration notifications were sent out by email from Comic-Con International on or around August 1st to all attendees of San Diego Comic-Con 2012. If you didn’t get yours, make sure you check the spam folder in the email account you used to register last year.