SDCC 2013 Hotel Reservations Open Tuesday, Feb 26th 9am PT Minutes ago, Comic-Con International sent out notice to all registered folks that the San Diego Comic-Con hotel reservations will go live Tuesday, February 26 at 9am Pacific Time. This is a considerable jump in the schedule compared to last year, when they opened hotel registration in April, a few weeks after WonderCon 2012 ended. I was thinking that they’d do the same this year, but it appears they want to get it all wrapped up well in advance.

Click here to go to the Travel Planners landing page.

You can also call Travel Planners at 1-877-55-COMIC (1-877-552-6642) or 212-532-1660 at 9am PT on Feb 26th. Don’t bother trying to do it any sooner.

And to ensure that you know what their process and policies are, read this page closely.

And while they say there are more hotel rooms than ever, be assured that they will sell out within minutes. Follow their directions closely, but don’t just click on the link they gave you. Have the URL copied into a text document and ready to copy and paste into a browser address bar at 9am just to be sure. Last year, there were too many people claiming that poorly formatted links prevented them from getting on the site quickly and making their reservation, resulting in a poor reservation or none at all.

UPDATE: It now appears that you can go directly to the registration page itself with all of the fields available for you to fill out. HOWEVER, there is no way to submit the request. I’m guessing this is a way for CCI to let everyone know what to expect next Tuesday so that we know how the submission process will go down. Note that this year, you only get to choose 6 hotels instead of 20 or 12 like in the years before. Make sure you know which hotels you want most and how they’re titled to make selecting them quick and easy.