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A precursor of geekiness to come...

Doug Kline has meddled in nearly every facet of pop culture geekery ever since he saw the first Star Wars film back when it was just called “Star Wars“. Whether he’s writing and drawing (poorly) his own Star Wars comic book at the age of 10, playing every Legend of Zelda game ever published to 100% completion, or overseeing his online love letter to all things unabashedly nerdy, PopCultureGeek.com (RIP), Doug has never shied away from his inherent geekiness. And he has the novelty t-shirts to prove it.

Upon his first visit to the San Diego Comic-Con in 2004, he instantly succumbed to its charms and adopted it as his Geek Mecca. And now, for 4 1/2 days every July, Doug endlessly searches for the perfect panels and the sweetest swag, discovering along the way how to best navigate the increasingly harrowing halls of the San Diego convention center, its massive crowds, and the bustling Gaslamp District right outside its doors. Fortunately, he has chosen to use his powers of deft strategic planning and execution for good instead of evil (world domination and such). He now shares this knowledge with his unwashed brethren in book form for the good of geek-kind, so that all may partake in the glorious bounty that can only be found at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Won’t you validate this poor child’s early decision to forgo wearing baseball uniforms in favor of playing with action figures and buy his book?