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Comic-Con Answers All of Your Questions About the Registration Process

Comic-Con Answers All of Your Questions About the Registration Process If you already have your San Diego Comic-Con Member ID (and you should), you probably already got this notice in your inbox over the last few days. In case you haven’t, here’s a link to a VERY important document that you need to read immediately. Comic-Con is making every effort to make the ticket buying process as clear as possible so that there are no shocks and surprises when the sale day comes. I can’t imagine a question that hasn’t been answered by the PDF document linked on that page (you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it, but most browsers already have that installed).

I know some people have shown concern that emails will be going out in waves. Don’t worry. They have made it clear that they will all be sent out far enough in advance of the sale day and time that everyone should receive their email notification by the time the sale starts.

They’ve also made a number of other things clear that I thought were interesting…

  1. Don’t open multiple browsers – Although I have no idea how opening multiple browsers could cause you to be kicked to the back of the line, that is what they claim. And I imagine everyone is so desperate to get a ticket that they won’t bother to test that claim.
  2. Don’t wait for social media announcements – The official announcement will not appear on Twitter, Facebook, etc until it actually starts, which is why checking your email (including the spam folder) is VERY important to knowing when the sale will begin in ADVANCE.
  3. Over 40k and it’s iffy – If you login and your place is over 40,000th in line, there is a decent chance you will not get a badge or at least the badge you wanted (4 day passes will obviously go first). Emotionally prepare yourself for this. However, I wouldn’t get out of line until I’m absolutely sure. Why? Because if you’re in, you still have a better chance than someone 60,000th in line (see next item).
  4. The waiting room line is capped at 60,000 people – Once 60,000 people are “in line” on the Epic registration site, anyone else after that will get redirected back to the Comic-Con registration page. It may open back up, it may not, depending on when you get there, but it’s supposed to allow more people as others complete their purchases. Do not dawdle.
  5. Registering for others – If you are registering for friends or other members of your family, you MUST have their Member ID and their LAST NAME. You may purchase for up to 6 people. You do NOT have to log out and log back in to purchase additional badges.
  6. Credit Card charges delayed – You will not be charged for up to 48-72 hours after your registration is completed. This is done to lighten the load on the servers, so don’t panic!

Again, this is a brief summary of the document, but it behooves you to read the whole thing yourself as soon as possible and get all your ducks in a row. I already know that Press registration starts on April 2nd. And press reg usually always happens AFTER the attendee registration is completed, so you know that attendees will begin registration in the next few weeks.

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