I will be updating this page from time to time to answer some of the biggest, burningest questions that people have about the SDCC Survival Guide and San Diego Comic-Con that aren’t explicitly answered in the book itself.

Will buying this book guarantee me a ticket to Comic-Con?

No. I wish I could say otherwise. I know I could sell a million of these books if I included the ultimate formula for getting into the show. The updated book will cover a number of different options that attendees can use to get a ticket to the Big Show, but it’s a fight to the death no matter what route you choose and nothing is guaranteed. I and the people at Comic-Con International wish that everyone could experience San Diego Comic-Con, but it’s just not possible.

Can it help me get a great hotel room at a decent price?

See above. But I hope to give you the best tips possible to better your chances.

What can the book do for me?

It’s all about setting realistic goals and expectations for yourself and others. If you’re new to the San Diego Comic-Con experience, then your first time can be overwhelming. Even if you’ve gone a few years, it can still be a mindbending experience, sometimes disheartening and always confusing. My goal with the San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide is to clear away the craziness and give you realistic expectations when you set foot on San Diego soil, long before you get there and throughout your experiences in the city, in the exhibition hall, and in the long, long lines that are everywhere. Seriously. You just have to resign yourself to the fact that lines are a way of life there. That tip’s free.

Are you affiliated with Comic-Con International?

No. Myself, my websites, and my books are in no way affiliated or authorized by San Diego Comic-Con International, but I like to think that they tolerate my existence, as I only want to help everyone have the best time possible while at the event. I am just a fan like everyone else and I wrote the book because I love the Comic-Con experience, especially in San Diego, which is probably one of my favorite cities in the US. I do cover the event for my various sites as a member of the media, as I have since 2005, but it’s more out of a desire to share the experience of the show to those who can’t be there and help those who need help on the ground, in the trenches of the biggest, geekiest battle of their lives.