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Get Your SDCC Member IDs at the Official Site NOW!

Get Your SDCC Member IDs at the Official Site NOW! I’ve been out and about in Las Vegas this last week covering the Consumer Electronics Show for (also battling a sickness that may have had something to do with being within 5 feet of Snooki), so I apologize for not sharing this information sooner.

It’s now time for you to head to the official Comic-Con website and snatch up a Member ID before February 28th! I had been notified last week that it was open for the returning press, but I had not realized that it was available for everyone else as well. I think it was kind of a quiet rollout as they didn’t want a million people clustering onto the site all at once and taking it down. From what I can tell, the order in which you sign up for a Member ID does not have any bearing on your ability to acquire a ticket to San Diego Comic-Con. It is just necessary in order for you purchase a ticket at all. So there’s no rush, no need for panic, but you do need to get this done BEFORE February 28th. You have been warned. You will NOT be able to get a ticket when they go on sale unless you have a Member ID.

If you have other questions, they can be answered at the official site. Anything I tell you would be gotten from that location or would be complete speculation on my part. But feel free to comment here or leave a message on Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions about the process.

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