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The FREE Unauthorized San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide MOBILE APP for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch has an list of all new events and more, just in time for San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Admittedly, it ain’t pretty, but it’s got more content on it than any one SDCC events website on the web… and you can carry it in your pocket.

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Just click on the App Store icon within your iOS device. Tap the SEARCH field, type “sdccsurvival” (without the quotes), and press ENTER. The app should appear immediately in the list. Just tap it and press the appropriate buttons to download and install it as you would any other app. It’s completely free to download and use!

Note: to use it better on an iPad, just press the 2x button in the bottom corner to enlarge the interface.

And for you Android folks (of which I am one), sorry, it just didn’t make the deadline this year. Next year…

Thank you for your support!

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