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San Diego Comic-Con Begins Today! Will You Survive?

You know I wrote this book, but I’m still not done packing at midnight the night before Comic-Con? How prepared is the “always be prepared” guy? Not very. Well, I’ve been busy. At least the car is stocked up with the remaining Unauthorized San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide books, ready to be sold at the Kirby Krackle booth #1803 starting Wednesday night and all week or until they’re gone!

Of course, if you have a device that can read PDF files, you can always download the digital eBook version of the SDCC Survival Guide.

Remember to follow me on Twitter @sdccsurvival and/or Facebook to get the latest information on deals, events, and every little bit of odd geeky news as I experience it. For those who are interested in the Parking Lot Holy Grail, expect an update on both of these sites on the status of that parking location and whether it still allows continuous overnight parking for the week (it still did as of June 30th).

And don’t forget about the FREE iPhone app. It’s currently available as a free download for anyone with iOS4 on their iPod Touch or iPhone 4. Due to a glitch in the programming (my fault), it’s not yet available for iPad or iPhones/iPods with an older iOS, but it should be very shortly.

If you’re at all interested in hearing more about the book and you live in LA, you can tune into KROQ Wednesday morning at 9am as you’re prepping to head to San Diego to hear Kevin & Bean interview me about the Survival Guide.

And if my voice isn’t enough (I’m sure it is), you can get up really early before you get in line and turn on the local San Diego Fox affiliate (channel 5) at around 5:40am, where I’ll be live in the studio, hawking my book and showing what supplies I’ll be carrying in my magical bag moments after the interview is complete and I’m in line for Hall H.

Surely these two mass media appearances will skyrocket me to untold fame and fortune, causing the books to sell out instantly at the convention (booth #1803). This is my way of saying, grab your copy early. There are 125,000 other people who might need it as badly as you.

If you want to read up on those who have commented/reported on the SDCC Survival Guide, here’s a few worth noting:
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The Unauthorized San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide is available now! (got a little nod at the bottom of the article that has nothing to do with Comic-Con)

I’ll be announcing the confirmed winner of the Comic-Con 2011 4-Day Pass tomorrow (or as soon as I can meet up with him/her). By the way, if you didn’t hear from me, you pretty much should know you didn’t win. Just sayin’…

Hope everyone has safe travels to San Diego! If you already have your SDCC Survival Guide, keep it close and use it for good, not for evil! Oh, and feel free to show it off to others who look a little stressed and might need some help surviving what looks like will be a pretty insane week (just wait until you hear what they have cooked up at Petco Park on Saturday!).

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