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San Diego Comic-Con Updates 2012 Attendee Registration Info

San Diego Comic-Con Updates 2012 Registration Info San Diego Comic-Con has announced an update to the 2012 attendee registration information, which might mean that the tickets could go on sale soon or it could be a few weeks from now. I’ve been saying that the tickets might first go on sale AFTER WonderCon, but that’s by no means a guarantee. It could happen anytime now. So take some time to check out the official page and make sure you know what to expect. They will be sending out the On Sale notifications to everyone who has a Member ID via email. Then they will announce it on Facebook and Twitter later on. Making sure you know your Member ID and password, along with how many tickets you’ll need and the Member ID’s and last names of the people you’ll be purchasing for (up to 6 people), is incredibly important if you expect to be able to register in a timely manner.

Make a registration game plan now! Often work or busy schedules get in the way, so you’ll have to have someone on point, monitoring their email at all times, ready to register! More than likely, the first shot at registration will not happen until morning Pacific time, possibly between 8 to 10am (just a guess). For instance, it will likely NOT go out at 3am in any US time zone. They will likely attempt to choose a time zone that will be accessible by the most amount of people, although if you’re on the other side of the world, there’s a chance you’ll be heading to bed or sleeping when registration hits. So stay alert and make sure that whoever is on shift to register has all the information they need to make the purchases.

What will happen? Like the Hotel registration last year, you will likely not have to pay at the point of registration. By doing this, it will prevent the servers from crashing and causing mass mayhem on Twitter and Facebook. The main reason why the servers would crash every time last year is not because 100,000+ people were trying to register; It was because more than 100,000 people were trying to submit their credit card information securely, requiring a secure connection for encryption, which puts an additional strain on the servers, causing them to crash or at the very least creak along imperceptibly. I’m not saying that the connection won’t be slow. But you should at least be able to simply submit your registration without fear of repeatedly dropping the connection after entering all of your credit card information as you had in the past. More than likely, you’ll be submitting payment at a later date, once your registration has been approved.

As I’ve said before, not everyone will walk away from this happy. Not everyone will get a ticket. But if you’re attentive and alert, you should get your registration in with no trouble and be on your way to the Big Show in July!

I would be surprised if we got through March without every person who has a Member ID knowing whether they are going to Comic-Con or not.

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