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Slight Delay in Shipping, but the Book Will Arrive Soon!

I just wanted to update everyone on the shipping status of the books. I had originally set aside all of Saturday as the day to ship the books to everyone who bought online. I got them all packed up and ready to send, but ran into some trouble printing the labels through Paypal, so I was not able to ship them at all today. In fact, as I am heading to San Diego this week to take care of some big things in relation to the Survival Guide, I will not be in town until Wednesday to ship the books. Hopefully by then the Paypal issues will be taken care of.

I know that some of you may have been under the impression that the books would have been shipped immediately after you ordered, but that was never the case. In fact, even with this delay, I’ll be shipping them more than a week ahead of the original schedule. The final edit of the book was delayed to print to make sure that we didn’t miss any last minute changes in policy with Comic-Con. In the end, we decided to print early in order to get the books into the hands of local retailers as well as ship to all of the online buyers. I actually only got my hands on the first full prints of the books this past week (the printing process takes time). And since I am doing all of the distribution myself (part of the whole self-publishing world I’ve jumped into), it also takes longer than I expected. I’ve never done anything like this before and I appreciate your patience as things come together.

So check your mailboxes in the next week. They will be arriving soon, well before the show. I’ve even packed in a few extra tips and reminders of what’s to come, because the Survival Guide goes well beyond the book. If you can handle it, expect me to be an extra set of eyes and ears throughout the convention through a variety of means I’ll be putting at your disposal in the coming weeks. So keep watching this space for more information…

Thanks again and see you at the show!

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Louis Falcetti Jun 28, 2010 Reply

I just sent you an email that I now apologize for, so, discard said email, apologies again.

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