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Want the Book By Comic-Con? Order Online By Friday 7/16!

If you’re going to Comic-Con and you want to receive a book prior to getting there, I suggest ordering online no later than Friday, July 16th (foreign folks should order NOW!). Whenever I receive orders before noon PT, I almost always send them out that same afternoon (Mon-Sat). If you order in the evening, just expect it to ship the next afternoon.

But for those who worry that the book won’t reach them in time (west coast orders usually arrive within a day or so), don’t worry. I expect to make an announcement on Wednesday that should make getting a hold of the book much easier for everyone!

Of course, these books don’t immediately go out of fashion as soon as Comic-Con’s over! The book contains everything you need to know about preparing for next year. This is assuming I’ll have any left after Comic-Con. There’s about 126,000 people attending and I only printed a whole lot less than that…

Of course, if I do sell out (here’s hoping), there’s always the eBook.

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