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Grab the SDCC Survival Guide eBook Before Comic-Con Madness Hits!Grab the SDCC Survival Guide eBook Before Comic-Con Madness Hits!

5 Last Minute Things to Consider Before Comic-Con Begins

Grab the SDCC Survival Guide eBook Before Comic-Con Madness Hits! I know we’re down to the wire here, but I figured I’d throw in a few last minute things for you to remember while you’re making your way to San Diego, if you aren’t already there…

  1. KEEP IN CONTACT WITH SOCIAL MEDIA – I will be Tweeting and posting updates to Facebook as much as possible to answer questions or give you last minute tips on where you should go when things are announced throughout the week. If Google+ gave me a mobile smartphone app to update my pages, I’d be posting there too. Share your triumphs and tragedies in words and pictures, maybe even video and tag the SDCC Survival Guide accounts in each post. And if you have your SDCC Survival Guide handy, take a picture of it randomly around the show. If I see you do it, prepare to be photobombed. If nothing else, I’ll see the pictures later and it will warm the cockles of my heart as I sit in line for Hall H at 4am (with hopefully the right wristband) on Saturday morning.
  2. WRISTBANDS FOR HALL H – Yes, the wristband thing is a bit of a quandry this year. There’s no telling how it’s going to make people map out their days when it comes to Hall H. I’m reserving judgment until I see it in action and the dust has settled from the week. If you feel strongly about any of Comic-Con’s practices, bring a level head and a clear voice to their yearly Talkback panel held at 3:30pm on Sunday in Room 23ABC. They take your comments and questions seriously if you don’t come off as a raving lunatic. There is undoubtedly going to be some strong opinions about how wristbands affected this year’s show, good or bad. If you want to hear directly from Comic-Con about their thoughts behind the wristbands decision, head over to the Unofficial SDCC Blog for an interview with Director of Marketing and Public Relations, David Glanzer.
  3. BONUS COVERAGE – In addition to my work on the SDCC Survival Guide, I’ll be covering the show for Watch for my daily wrap ups in words and pictures on that site each morning. If you’re lucky (a relative term), I might even be able to throw in some sound and video while I’m at it. If I don’t collapse in a heap immediately afterward, I might even throw a few more exclusive items up here and on The Conmunity (maybe even a few others).
  4. NOT THERE? TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE! – If you’re not at San Diego Comic-Con, but there’s something you’d like to see featured, let me know by Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or on the contact page. Assuming my head hasn’t exploded or my phone hasn’t died, I’ll see your requests and act on them if I can. I can only be in one place at a time, but I might call upon a few mighty allies to help me take on these challenges.
  5. BUYING THE PRINT EDITION AT SDCC? – UPDATED! If you’re not just downloading the eBook edition (along with the FREE checklists), you can pick up a copy at booth #2107, courtesy of the guys who make the Guns A-blazin’ comic. We’ve worked out a deal where if you buy one of their comics, you can get the SDCC Survival Guide for $5! Otherwise, it’s just the regular $7. They’ll be there all week and would love to meet you. I’ll be stopping by a few times each day (except maybe Saturday as I’ll probably be stuck in Hall H, if I can get in). If nothing else, I might wind down my nights at one of the local hotel bars, crammed full with creative types. Bump into me there this week and I’ll be happy to get one into your hands with no shipping cost necessary!

SDCC Survival Guide booth 2107
If I think of any more items or you have last minute questions for me, send them my way ASAP (see above) and I’ll answer them the best I can!

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