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SDCC Survival Guide Expenses Checklist – FREE!

SDCC Survival Guide hall crowd press If you are going to San Diego Comic-Con, you’re going to spend some money. Thankfully for you, a checklist to help you keep track of your expenses won’t cost you a dime. Here’s another FREE downloadable checklist to get you ready for San Diego Comic-Con!

For those of us who aren’t celebrities and aren’t rich, we’ll have to make a budget. Before you set foot on San Diego soil, take some time to fill in some of the fields on this Excel document and know where you stand financially as you make your way to San Diego. This document will do all the math for you. Just enter what the items you want to spend money on and their cost and hit enter. Once you have everything entered, you can print it out and carry it with you. It’s especially good for calculating your core expenses will run you (hotel, travel, food, and more) for the week, not to mention figuring out how many of those exclusives you’ll actually be able to buy.

NOTE: You must have a valid copy of Microsoft Excel or the Open Office equivalent to use this document.

So whether your biggest expenses are high end collectibles or just scraping by for the week on crackers and bottled water, this checklist will help you know what you can expect to spend before you arrive at the big show.

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