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Comic-Con Sells Out in 90 Minutes! What Now? Your Questions Answered!

So THAT happened…

In less than 90 minutes, ALL of the San Diego Comic-Con 2012 tickets were sold online. While I wasn’t purchasing a ticket myself, a friend kept me up to date on her progress via text message as she experienced it. After the provided link timed out on the first few tries, she got in the queue at 6569, seconds after 8am. It automatically refreshed every 2 minutes or so, increasing her position dramatically: 5452, 4000, 1900, 550… and then she had her single day ticket for Saturday by 8:22am.

Comic-Con Sells Out in 90 Minutes! What Now? Your Questions Answered! In all, the process (once you were in the queue) seemed to go smoothly. Unfortunately, the “wrapped” analytics tracking link they provided in the email didn’t work correctly for most people, causing much frustration and forcing people to copy and paste the URL or go directly to the Comic-Con site to get access. It cost more than a few people the chance at 4 day passes or tickets altogether.

Here’s the answers to a number of questions that I’ve received from the Facebook page and Twitter:

I woke up late and found that registration was closed. I hope that’s temporary. Or should I give up hope?

All hope is not lost! But for today it is. Your only shot now is snagging one of the returned/refunded badges that will be sold at a later date, most likely after May 15th, which is the deadline for people to get refunds. Comic-Con could sell some earlier, but it’s likely that they’ll wait until after all of the returns are in and processed. But with the frothing panic involved in acquiring them, it’s doubtful that many will give them up unless they really, really have to.

I haven’t gotten my confirmation email yet! Did I get in? or I got confirmations for other people I purchased for, but not myself. What’s going on?!

Don’t panic. You’re in. Email confirmations will be trickling out over the next 72 hours or so. If you made it through the process, you should have seen a confirmation number on the final page. The email will just be sending that same information to you. Be sure to check your spam folder and any other folders to make sure they weren’t mis-routed.

I couldn’t get a 4 day pass, but I got a bunch of single day passes. Am I gonna have to get in line each morning to pick them up?

No. They’ve streamlined the process. According to the registration page:
“If you have purchased multiple single-day badges (such as Thursday and Sunday, for example), all of your badges will be printed for you when you bring your barcode confirmation to attendee registration at the Convention Center or the Town & Country Hotel. You will then need to visit the Attendee Badge Holder Pick-Up Desk in the Sails Pavilion at the Convention Center to get your daily badge holders. Please be aware that you will need to get in a separate line if you wish to pick up all of your badge holders at once.

The only badge holders that will be available at the Town & Country Hotel are those for 4-Day badges and Thursday single-day badges. For other daily badge holders, you will need to visit the Attendee Badge Holder Pick-Up Desk at the Convention Center.”

What are the pros/cons about having single day badges as compared to 4 day badges?

Well, if you happen to lose your 4 day badge early on, you’re out of luck and stuck wandering the streets of San Diego for the rest of the week (which really isn’t SO bad). But if you lose your single day badge, you’re only out of luck for the day you lost. As for getting freebies, multiple single day badges work in your favor if you are required to get it stamped anytime you pick up some exclusive swag at a certain booth. With a 4 day pass, you have one shot. With multiple single day passes, you start with a fresh badge every day, giving you the opportunity to get that bit o’ limited swag 4 or 5 times (but, hey, don’t get greedy!). Other than that, there’s not a lot of difference.

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The next big step is the Hotel Registration Day, which is the one I’m most stressed about. Keep your eyes open here and on the official Comic-Con site for more information as it becomes available…

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