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Last Minute Comic-Con Update

sdcc-update It’s been a crazy year. So crazy that I haven’t had time to update the book or this site the way I had hoped to. Even the mobile app is dead (for now). I will be at the Big Show this week, once again covering it for Geek Magazine (where I am the web editor for, our online arm). As I write this, I’m still not done packing and I have mere hours before I have to make the drive to San Diego.

I just had to post one more message before the madness begins, so here are the facts as they stand right now with the SDCC Survival Guide.

  1. The mobile app won’t be working this year. It’s something that I felt needed a considerable upgrade and it required more time than I could put into it. Plus, I’m pretty sure I forgot how to code those things since I created the original, lo, those many years ago. Watch for a new one in 2014.
  2. Speaking of 2014, I am going to be finalizing and publishing a whole new edition of the original book. It will be mostly all new content, new tips, and it might even have pictures. This means that the handful of books I have left will be available until the end of this month. After that, I’m keeping the leftovers and maybe building a little fort with them on my desk. Those of you who don’t order one by then will have to wait for the new edition.
  3. Also watch out for a whole new website design that will hopefully be chock full of new features and news bits leading up to next year’s Comic-Con.

I hope each of you have a wonderful time at San Diego Comic-Con and I hope that the Survival Guide is useful to you while there. Be sure to post on my Facebook page or on Twitter to tell me how things went. I’ll do what I can to respond in a timely manner. Thank you again for your support over these past few years and I look forward to serving you more in the years to come, so that we may all have the amazing time we deserve at Comic-Con!

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Doug is the author of the San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide and is the founder of The Conmunity - the site that connects geek culture.

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