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SDCC Survival Guide

photo by Dianne Garcia for LA Weekly

I just found out that the gentleman who runs gave a comprehensive review of The Unauthorized San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide. Mr Hamersky is a self-avowed “old school” convention-goer (he’s been going since the beginning!) so you know he knows his way around an exhibition hall. He rightfully asks if there is a need for a San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide. I, of course, would say yes, but that’s because I know what I wrote in the book. I made a point of making sure that the information I provided wasn’t the kind that would be outdated when the previous con ended. For those who might question that, Michael goes over every major section of the book and provides honest commentary on what each has to offer to the new and veteran Comic-Con attendee.

Go ahead and check it out at (use this link if you want to go directly to the post as he updates the main page frequently). You can also follow his updates on his Facebook page.

Mr Hamersky got his copy at the Long Beach Comic Expo last weekend, but I unfortunately missed meeting him while out taking pictures of Batman, Darth Vader, and the cutest little Supergirl and Wonder Woman team-up for Cosplay of the Day, another site I run as part of Hopefully I’ll run into him at another show like this weekend’s Wizard World Anaheim Comic-Con at the Anaheim Convention Center from April 29 to May 1st. Luis Calderon will have copies of the SDCC Survival Guide along with his original comics, Space Johny and Deadtective at his table at booth #1806 if you want to snatch one up without having to pay shipping, which is especially useful to you local LA/Orange County/San Diego folks heading to the show.

I will be wandering around the Wizard World Anaheim Comic-Con with Luis at booth #1806 on Friday and Saturday, but books will still be available on Sunday, even though I will be at the LA Times Festival of Books on the USC Campus for most of the afternoon (MiniBuk booth #882).

Luis will be raffling off prizes at his Anaheim Comic-Con table and there’s a chance I might add a few Comic-Con themed goodies to the prize pool as well. If you don’t see me at either place, wait a bit and I’ll return. I’m probably eating or taking pictures.

The photo above courtesy of the fine folks at LA Weekly, who posted a photo slideshow of their coverage from the Long Beach Comic Expo last weekend.

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