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The SDCC Survival Guide Printing Now, Shipping Next Week!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the status of the book. The cover has been finalized and the pagecount is now clocking in at 169 pages! They are being printed as I type this. I should have them in my hands by the middle of next week, which means I’ll start shipping them by the end of the week, putting them in your mailbox before the end of the month! (depending on where you live in relation to California)

I held a test print in my hands yesterday and it looked great.

Yes, it’s real! I can’t wait to share it with each of you and I hope you get something out of it, whether you’re a newbie or a long-time Comic-Con geek.

This also means that the books will start popping up in select comic book shops and collectibles stores throughout the Southwest US very soon. If you know of a store that might want to carry The Unauthorized San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide, anywhere in the world or country, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We offer a considerable discount for bulk purchases for retail.

Thanks again to all of the early purchasers! You won’t have to wait much longer…

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